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Below are a few companies that trust us with their clients. Sometime we work direct, other times we do what we do as part of our partners team, under their name. Over the years our partners have come to rely on us not to betray their belief in our integrety, work ethic and standards, as a result they come back time and time again. Sometimes it is to ask for advice, or assitance in a project, sometimes it is to resolve an issue. Small or LARGE, the attention they recieve and expect is the same. If we can do it we will, if we cant we will find someone that can. Trust and belief commands respect, we wouldnt give you anything less.


Storm Broadcast

Storm Broadcast, based at the world famous Elstree Studios are integrators that cover the entire spectrum of broadcasting, whether its a small studio or college, a major broadcaster that wants cutting edge technology, Storm can do it. We provide lighting solutions that work in tandem with the equipment they supply. We are allowed to recommend and advise on the equipment we supply, the result is a happy client with what they wanted and more.


Eye Catching Design

Eye Catching Design, design, and arrange construction of some of the iconic sets that you take for granted when you turn on your TV. Programmes like Dragons Den, Premier League Football TV, Bloomberg Television, Al-ANN, ESPN, ITV Networks, Walt Disney, the list goes on and on. When we get the call to light these incredible creations we know we will get a detailed well thought out brief, no suprises and they are always open to suggestions.


Megahertz Broadcast

We have worked with Megahertz many times over the years. They know what they want and thats what we give them, with a few refinements if we can think of ways to make the end result more flexible without playing havoc with the budget. Whether its UK or abroad we work in harmony with the clients and the Megahertz technical team. Overseas their project team are helpful, co-operative and are amazing "Fixers" if additional services or equipment is required for the job.




The guys at S.I.S. are joy to work with, extreme professionalism, technical expertise and an open mind approach to projects. They are willing to accept ideas and suggestions, however "off the wall" and left feild they may be. They allow us as providers of lighting solutions to talk to the client and explain what we are going to acheive without question. Their project team understand that we do what we do and they do what they do, it works

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