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​Lighting Projects:

Large or small, Uk, Europe or farther afield. Your idea can become reality. Stress free and on budget our team will ensure that your project will be handed over just how you imagined it.

Lighting Rental:

Our rental department was set up to accomodate the smaller production unit. Freelance Owner Operator / Camera Units, are offered keen rates and cutting edge equipment.

Add on services:

We work closely with number of System Integrators, Accousticians, Set Designers, Builders, Certification and Testing Engineers . Our Electrical and Mechanical installers are all fully qualified, certified and insured. If you need advice or suggestions for any of these services, we will gladly point you in the right direction.

Lighting Equipment:

LCC Lighting supply and install lighting equipment from a wide number of manufacturers. We will recommend equipment but if you have a preferred make we will ensure you get the best deal possible.

Set Dressing/Buildings:

Whether for Television, Theatre or Architectural. LCC can supply and install lighting to enhance the look of your set or building. Indoor or outdoor.

Trade Shows/Ehibitions:

Over the years we have asked to help various clients with the construction, and enhancements of trade show stands and exhibtion booths of varying complexity and size, if you require assistance, please contact us​

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